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Five reasons to use self service order kiosk
Jul 02 , 2021

Five reasons to use self service order kiosk

As the labor cost had gradually increased in the past 2 years, especially has been a “manpower shortage” phenomenon in the catering industry.Self service ordering kiosk give a satisfying answer for how to solve the difficult recruitment in the catering industry. Using self service ordering terminal to replace the waiter and cashier not only greatly save labor costs, but also improve the work efficiency and service quality, Find a new way for the development of the catering industry.

10.1inch mini self service kiosk

According to the research, With the social change brought about by consumer habits, technological innovation and epidemic, more than 60% of customer are more willing to visit the restaurant where have self service terminal, and about 30% of customer said that they prefer to use the self service kiosk to avoid contact with waiter during ordering process.

In addition, self service payment kiosk can also bring many surprises to catering companies.

01 Self service terminal can increases sales

Exclusive orders, value combinations, special package, coupons, 50% discount—This promotional methods can made the customers willing to add more order. And this method will be more convenient to present and use through the collection and processing of the date model in the self service all in one machine, Data shows that the amount of a single order will increase by 30% when the customer place an order through the self service kiosk.

02 Self service kiosk can save time

Time is money! Self service terminal makes the whole order and payment process faster, and customer can complete the serials of steps of selection, customization and payment at one time. Kitchen staff can received the order right away and prepare food without human factors after customer payment It will save a lot of time if each order can save a few minutes.

03 Self service machine can improve accuracy

Wrong dishes are one of the most common phenomenon in restaurants, By using self service machine can effectively avoid some mistake such as wrong dishes, missed dishes and cashier error. Farther, the visual presentation of the dishes on the self service ordering machine also plays an important role in the accuracy of the customer’s order. It can help customer to clarify their requirements through the real pictures and text description, then improve the customer satisfaction and consumption experience, it also prevents excessive food waste.

04 Self service terminal improve employee efficiency

Zhaohe self service kiosk is easy-to-use, compare to traditional restaurant, It can greatly reduce the staff’s reception work, make them more focus on the in-store marketing and provide high quality customer service. Employee’s work efficiency and productivity have been greatly improved, and they are more flexible when dealing with other important or urgent tasks.

05 Self service payment machine ensure safe contact

Safety comes first in the current epidemic. How to ensure the safe contact to the open environment in offline restaurant is a serious challenge. It’s especially important for customer, employee and company brand. Through the contactless order by self service kiosk can effectively improve the safety of the restaurant.

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