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New design!ZH-F100 2021 the most flexible POS hardware
Mar 26 , 2021

Are you still worrying about the expensive shipping costs of POS machines? Have you ever lost customers because the POS hardware cannot be flexibly changed?

Although the current market is flooded with various types of smart POS terminals, most models are still fixed and cannot be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs.

If you are looking for the best POS hardware to expand your customer market, ZH-F100 is undoubtedly the most suitable product for you.

ZH-F100 is a brand-new POS machine designed and developed by our company through various POS terminal consumer market surveys, aiming at the problems and pain points raised by customers, and it took a year to design and develop a brand new, dismantled and adjustable POS machine at will.

ZH-F100 Features:

1. All aluminum alloy body, solid & durable, creating an extraordinary sense of luxury

2. Detachable, main screen, customer screen, bracket can be separated at will, common to all VESA hole.

3. Easily change desktop POS to wall-mounted POS

4. Ultra-thin display, brand new 15inch LCD screen

5. Save your shipping cost,The packaging volume is small, about half of the general POS machine

6. Independent development, with product patent.

 smart pos machine

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